House Hunting: Real Life VS Realty TV

Watching house hunters on TV can be entertaining and a way to find what you like or do not like in a house, however; there are numerous differences between the show and house hunting in real life. The expectations of finding a house should not be based off the show. A person can be disappointed when their house hunting experience is not like how the process is displayed on TV.

Take a look at the differences to help balance the expectations and help prepare you for finding a house.

Realty TV:

  • Homebuyers are only shown three houses before finding the perfect house for them.
  • The big picture is not always seen. This is meaning homebuyers let the small details get in the way of the overall potential of a house, such things like: paint color, carpet or cabinets.
  • Budget: a couple will have a budget around $150,00, but will end up going WAY over budget.
  • It is clear the couple does not agree on what is needed or wanted for the perfect home, which gives the appearance of little communication beforehand.
  • Potentially unrealistic wish lists such as three-car garage, large chef’s kitchen, pool, large backyard, numerous bedrooms, media room, completely move in ready with no renovations.
  • This may not be thought of when watching, but houses are only seen during the day. Which also happens to be the time for the best camera lighting…just a thought.  

Real Life:

  • More times than none, when looking for houses, the best house will not come along right away. Multiple houses will need to be seen, which means the buyer must be patient if it does not come along as fast as the show. Houses are always being put on the market, and a good agent will be on the lookout for those houses and find the details that are most important to you.
  • It is important to see the big picture of a house. It may sound cliché, but it is true. When looking for a home the focus should be on the location, what size is needed to suit your family, the roof, and anything major going on with the house. If you are hesitant about anything, ask your Realtor. All the little things can be changed to fit your style, so do not stress about the little things.
  • Before the search begins, make a budget and stick with it. With all the options on the market you would not want to spend more money than you can afford. Go over the budget with your Realtor so he/she is aware of what is able to be spent and help you stay on budget.
  • After discussing the budget, talk about what is most needed and wanted. Compromises may need to happen to find the best place. This should be done beforehand and maybe some during the process to find the right middle ground.
  • Tying in with the bullet point before – be realistic about a wish list. To help make this list clearer make two categories. First category should be NEED, second category should be WANT. Anything that is on the NEED list should be priority and then wants can be a bonus or added on later.
  • A house will not always be shown during the day. If a house becomes available a Realtor will not wait until the lighting is perfect outside. To get homebuyers to see a house a Realtor will schedule times in the morning, during the day, or the evening.

With these points in mind finding the perfectly done to your style, move in ready, only looking at three houses is not realistic. An open mind and patience is needed. A major part to remember when beginning the search for your perfect home, the houses will not look like they do on TV. Having the mindset of house hunting being like TV will disappoint and may ruin the fun experience of finding a starter home, forever home, or dream home.